History of Silver Jewelry

Why silver jewelry is one of the constants that remain in history? What is the real mystery and secret money? Not just your cool appeal – which is one of the products are given paper money before, and retains its value after the currency disappeared.

In a virtual world that we consider more than a few minutes valuables that have their own preset beyond our present reality. Virtual currency will go without jewelry.

To give you an idea of the differences in investments in tangible and intangible products and how it works in real life, we will give an example that will give me nearly $ 25,000 in the past.

During the first oil crisis, I lived in New Zealand for several years and had to invest at this time my assets in appropriate channels. At this time, not only oil prices have increased, but also other commodities such as gold and silver have appreciated slightly livestock and decided to invest monetary metals.

After searching for a company that has announced the sale of gold bullion, I went to his shop in the center and asked an employee to buy gold for around $ 25,000. I’ve never done this type of investment, and I was a little unsure of where to save to keep curious people and potential thieves events in the house.

You know what I had in mind the receptionist asked me that memorable question “do this in gold options, stocks or gold bullion?” It was through great efforts to take advantage of “paper gold” after the value of gold at any time to explain the increase in value when the price of gold continues to rise. It would not be necessary to actually touch physical things, and I was able to pick up the documents at any time.

Almost took his offer, when suddenly a thought or a warning light flashed my head. Something that I found a goldsmith told me years ago, said. “When you buy gold before, remember why you buy it, and do not buy virtual gold, but the real thing”

This idea won in the end because my advisor has taught me many basic things about jewelry and metals and can respect your opinion. It turned out he was right. Less than 6 months later, the company I bought bullion from bankruptcy and all its options, equities and other securities lost all their value. I still had my physical gold, however, that the increase in value of about 10%, time. Example fresh in mind, personally, I do differently if I buy products that enhance today my personal lifestyle.

Yes, I’ve invested a lot in the software for my virtual desktop and helps improve the sites work as they should, but also lose a lot every few years when a hard drive or server fails. I also like the latest designer clothes.

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