History of Engagement Rings

History of engagement rings

There is a reason why diamond engagement rings are the symbolic gift of love and a symbol of eternal love. Is considered to be one of the most valuable gemstones today, geologists have been fascinated by these minerals due to its strength and durability; the hardest natural mineral known. The word “diamond” comes from the Greek ancient agamas Word, which means “good” means “unchanging”, “Unbreakable”, and “savage”. The indestructible diamond is indestructible sacred love, eternal devotion and purity (at least for a few years). Although diamonds are not as rare as many people think, the way in which one of the symbolic has its own interesting history of the jewels of our time is now.

Jewelry is a the Best Friend of Girls

Certainly not romantic gesture that it is today, it is believed that the first symbol of commitment, that data already in prehistoric times, was actually a woven cord Reed (grass, reeds) or leather of a man of the caverns to the hands and feet of a female partner forced, if they could not escape. Once the cave man was sure that she not let him lose, keep a small rope around the fingers connected. What pleasure has changed since then?

Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

The first diamonds were mined in India in the rivers Penner, Krishna and Godavari about 6,000 years. Until the 15th century, the Kings of diamonds were used as a symbol of strength and courage. The first surviving mention of a diamond engagement ring offers back to 1477, when the Archduke Maximiliano de Hamburgo gave María of Burgundy a diamond engagement ring. A custom inherited from the Romans, rings, engagement rings are the “truth” is used in finger ring of the left hand. The practice of using the engagement ring on this finger came in particular from the ancient Egyptians believed the vena amoris (vein of love) was from this finger directly to the heart.

During the middle ages, “gimmal” ring, “link” was given as an engagement the gimmal ring had two rectangular blocks, traditionally a diamond and Ruby, symbolizes the commitment and passion. Trade reserved for the royalty and aristocracy. Posy rings engagement rings were popular, where the sayings, love poems or verses were often reported. Less wealthy citizens a ring “Fede” say: “The faith”, similar to the ring today in day claddagh, with both hands, a heart adorned with a Crown. In 1518 the ever smaller diamond engagement ring was Princess María, who had been only two years in the Al, the agent for the Dauphin of France.

Jewelry is Worst Enemy of Man

India was the only significant source of diamond stones until the eventual depletion of the diamond fields. This in turn led to the exploration of diamonds in other parts of the world.

Europe in the 18th century, diamond engagement rings are custom foreground. In addition to the engagement ring, a second ring was also given at the time of the ceremony today, the wedding band. The diamond market has been re-ignited in 1725 when discovered diamonds in Brazil. In 1867, Kimberley, South Africa, however, became the largest producer of diamonds in the world. The recently discovered diamond region has fall an enormous range of diamonds, diamond prices are drastically reduced.


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