Various Types of Rings

Beautiful Gold

An engagement ring is the most important thing that you have always had a gift; no other gift compares his lover. The engagement ring is a tradition, is a method for publishing the commitment that dates back to antiquity. The traditional material was used for this important ring; a yellow color was still associated with royalty. Learn more about this beloved gold color.

Yellow Gold

Yellow is the color is undoubtedly the most associated with gold. The image and you are sure to enter thick gold bars. Bright yellow color is so rich and bright and appealing to the thoughts of prosperity, wealth and royalty. Compare the color of the gold ring on the bar; is there a difference?

Mina Up

Engagement Rings Yellow Gold has a color “pure gold”, but that means the jewelry pieces were coated with 100% pure gold? Precious metals can be used immediately after being extracted from the ground? Actually, it is not to make soft and delicate for pure gold jewelry, so there is a slight color difference between the bars of gold and yellow gold rings. 18k is really the best choice for making jewelry and consists of 75% pure gold, is a mixture of yellow gold alloy of copper and zinc, copper and the remaining 25% used only rose gold. White gold is mixed with silver and palladium.

Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

Engagement ring what color?

Yellow gold is the traditional color, but white gold is now a popular choice for engagement rings . Gold rose is also an option and the future, more and more popularity every day. So what to choose? The fashion gurus will tell you that your skin tone should be taken into account. Golden yellow leaves with a brown and white gold with a darker skin tone right. However, they are all viable options for all and when the final decision depends on personal preference.

Engagement Rings Yellow Gold

The great thing about engagement rings yellow gold is that they are certainly as gold, unlike white gold, which can be confused with silver or even titanium. Watch this conical Pave-Set Solitaire Diamond in 4 Prong Setting, a dramatic ring, the wealth of gold color is clear and offers excellent contrast for pavement colorless diamonds in the band.


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