Get the Most Out Of Gemstones

Gemstone jewelry is generally used by individuals as jewelry or as a remedy for the astrological influences of the planets. If used as a remedy prescribed based on astrology gemstone jewelry is usually continuous, without taking the benefits of gemstones. Gems are best for those who want a quick effect and do not want to spend time in prayer and the proper rituals. There is also a better option for those who do not believe in Rudraksha beads and do not follow some user restrictions must be followed.

You should not contradict Gems used together, which was advised by an expert astrologer for. The best way to carry astrological gemstones is secured with a ring or a pendant in an open frame in the back so that the gemstone of the skin and in a way that the light has to go at the touch of jewelry, stones in the body of the user. Pendants may be used on the heart chakra or the throat better. The best time to wear jewelry gemstone for astrological purposes is morning in the bright half of the lunar month usually covered by astrologers as the Shula pasha.

Typically, the rings are made in one of the four fingers except the thumb. Each finger is an illustration of certain planets. 4 index fingers, middle finger, ring finger and little finger are controlled by Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and Mercury. However, wear some jewelry Mars and his friends gems Mars is the golden rule of gold. Gemstones used in this planet fingers indicating that only the planet. If the planet is this gemstone rules are not tied to a specific finger, the jewel is to be used in a race by a friend of the planet fingers.

The gemstone for a planet can also be used with jewelry from another planet when the two planets are friendly. For example, jewelry evil planets of Rahu and Ketu Hessonite and cat eyes should be represented worn on the middle finger, because these planets that rule these two gemstones, Ketu and Rahu are friends of Saturn. Fingers are also available for certain body parts together. Index refers to the stomach or airways. The ring refers gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, renal and respiratory tract. Pinky is synonymous with the legs, feet and genitals. Otherwise, as a planetarium, the fingers of one hand the representation of the five elements. The thumb is on fire, the index represents the space, middle finger in the air, the ring finger is the little finger and the water is the representation of the earth.

Metals Gemstone, Time and Day Port

The metal used for the production of ring also plays an effective role in the effectiveness of the gemstone. Gold is the best metal for yellow sapphire, red coral and rubies. Diamond, blue sapphire, cat’s eye, emerald and Hessonite should be set in silver or white gold for best results. Pearl should always be set in silver for maximum benefits. Gomedh cat eyes and can also be configured to Ashtadhatu contains eight metals also. However, if you cannot afford to use gold and silver is the best choice for them. The right time for the jewel is in the Time of the planets. Jewel in the day, the planet cleaning process and emotion must, before they make jewelry. The days of the planets orbit the Sunday, Monday, Moon, Mars and Mercury on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Jupiter, Venus, Friday, Saturday Saturn.

In terms of hand to wear the ring, there are various opinions. Some say it is the right hand of men and women left, while some say it should be left right to left right hand, and. Moreover, it is said that all the gems that if the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in hand and stones that the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are used on the left side.


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