Color Gemstone Rings

As gemstones come in a variety of colors and sizes, wear can be maintained for each specific type of gemstone. Each family of gemstones can withstand different amounts of stress and abuse before they scratch or break.

Read on to find out what to buy before decisions like choosing a pearl ring for everyday wear or if your horse freely to determine, on a white emerald bracelet. Some stones are excellent choices for jewelry every day, while others need more care and attention from their owners. Remember that the use and proper care can extend the life of your jewelry, according to these notes will give many years of useful life to its rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants.

General Guidelines wear jewelry

Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings


Total rings come into contact with more friction and abuse during the term of the jewelry piece. You should be especially careful if you are using a delicate stone as a ring.


After rings, jewelry bracelets are the most exposed to wear. You are free agents make sliding on the wrists and probably on things occasionally.

Earring and Pendant:

The safest areas tend earrings or pendants / necklaces worn in the ear or against our breastbone, which are relatively well protected areas and more likely to have things other loops that come into contact with them during a typical day.

Note that most of the gems over time, especially when used as jewelry “cut” in the course of time, worn as a ring. But most of the gems are able to re-polish or cut with a lapidary (gem polisher) again to restore transparency and the previous fire. For example Gem art Services – faceted Gem lapidary command and service are specialists that can be used for this purpose.

Diamonds – Diamonds are classified in the hardest gemstones and are definitely on the sample in the high frequency with which got spent on jewelry. The old saying is that the only substance that can cut a diamond is another diamond. However, they are not indestructible and like most precious stones can break if struck or be a tremendous force applied to it. However, it is still a very durable and completely suitable for any type of stone jewelry.

The most suitable: Each mounting.

Sapphire and Ruby – Ruby sapphires and diamonds are the following next hardest gems, but only have a quarter of the hardness of a diamond. They are definitely durable and can be increased wear.

Ideal: The assembly

Image of blue topaz is not as hard as diamond or sustainable, sapphires and rubies, but are relatively strong and withstand normal everyday use. Topaz, in relative terms, is about 1:6 as hard as a diamond. If you have a stone commonly called “Mystic” Topaz, topaz colorless chemical coating that causes this rainbow effect on the stone. So you will have to take this from a Topaz abrasive or corrosive cleaning product.

The most suitable: Each mounting

Emerald and aquamarine – emeralds and aquamarines be used with caution. Emeralds are more sensitive than previous stones. Emeralds can be damaged by most cleaning solutions, always remove jewelry before working with abrasives, or chemicals. Usually have a large number of inclusions, so that more likely to be broken when hit against the recording.

The most appropriate: earrings, pendants. Care should be taken when used as rings and bracelets. Citrine, amethyst and smoky quartz – Note that this will withstand all kinds of quartz and are not as hard as diamond or sustainable, sapphires and rubies, everyday wear but is still relatively strong and can be typical.

The most suitable: Each mounting

Garnet – Can be used as beautiful rings and bracelets, but suffer wear with daily use. Garnet is similar to a hardness of steel file; Granada can be re-polished by a lapidary. The following materials and porous organic answer all chemicals and must be removed before cleaning. Turquoise – These are organic matter and sometimes colored or porous composite. Chemicals, makeup, oils and extreme sunlight can affect the color turquoise.

Best Suites: Each assembly

Pearl – Can be used as rings and bracelets, but its glossy coating will wear faster. The lining of the Mother of Pearl, which gives it its shine is very thin and are placed in the form of small leaves around the pearl. The mother cannot be brought to the Pearl.

The most appropriate: earrings, necklace and pendant

Opal – Opals are silicone and water is made, it is a more flexible option that requires care. Rings should be used with caution, and increasingly will be removed by chemicals.

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