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Latest Engagement Rings

The latest trends in engagement ring even more complicated the problem. When women share the cost of their rings, or even buy yourself, then that is not a gift or part of a contract, because the exchange is unequal. If I pay half of my engagement ring, the rock under a contract and symbolic statement piece is subsidized (as the statement: I am committed).

Historically engagement rings had a very clear objective: the right to property. Once a woman had a ring, she was part of the contract between her and her boyfriend’s family.

Basically, the diamond ring is safety for women, because if the marriage has been annulled, it would be damaged goods. In this context, Campier only your ring was part of a contract, but Bennett is also right to maintain after separation. Archaic origins of this contract are so incredibly and irrelevant, how can we determine the engagement ring modern symbolic value?

Well, present attractive gift before marriage is common and women are financially independent, a broken engagement is not the sweat on the back. Even the fact that women buy now and pay their own rings shows that the macho tradition is no longer necessary. And yet it is so ingrained in our culture that the probability of engagement rings , which is out of fashion almost zero. Like wearing white girlfriend and parents give girls the importance of the engagement ring on wedding customs shows that patriarchal traditions are alive and well.

wedding rings

wedding rings

At various times in the past thirteen years, you can ask me questions about this and hear me rail De Beers and marketing of diamonds, or blood diamonds or engagement rings as the bride price. All these things are still major problems. But if it turns out that most of our customers wanted engagement rings, white or clear stones or colored stones pre-buying simple solitary places, which finally occurred to me that an engagement ring is a social signifier. He told the people without having to talk to their social status. They are trapped. That’s how you roll. This is what you wear. And the things we use have a variety of functions in our society that help us to classify the type of people we want. Each of us, even if we think we are not, chooses clothing that says something about ourselves and our belonging to a group with others. It also means something to us.

So if your engagement ring so rare it is not clear how an engagement ring (as if they were invisible, or if it is indeed a necklace of commitment, or if it is a little, is a mood ring) has a certain frequency (explain, at least until you get a wedding ring, if it does). Not so with a diamond solitaire, or something similar, likes a diamond solitaire.


History of Engagement Rings

History of engagement rings

There is a reason why diamond engagement rings are the symbolic gift of love and a symbol of eternal love. Is considered to be one of the most valuable gemstones today, geologists have been fascinated by these minerals due to its strength and durability; the hardest natural mineral known. The word “diamond” comes from the Greek ancient agamas Word, which means “good” means “unchanging”, “Unbreakable”, and “savage”. The indestructible diamond is indestructible sacred love, eternal devotion and purity (at least for a few years). Although diamonds are not as rare as many people think, the way in which one of the symbolic has its own interesting history of the jewels of our time is now.

Jewelry is a the Best Friend of Girls

Certainly not romantic gesture that it is today, it is believed that the first symbol of commitment, that data already in prehistoric times, was actually a woven cord Reed (grass, reeds) or leather of a man of the caverns to the hands and feet of a female partner forced, if they could not escape. Once the cave man was sure that she not let him lose, keep a small rope around the fingers connected. What pleasure has changed since then?

Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

The first diamonds were mined in India in the rivers Penner, Krishna and Godavari about 6,000 years. Until the 15th century, the Kings of diamonds were used as a symbol of strength and courage. The first surviving mention of a diamond engagement ring offers back to 1477, when the Archduke Maximiliano de Hamburgo gave María of Burgundy a diamond engagement ring. A custom inherited from the Romans, rings, engagement rings are the “truth” is used in finger ring of the left hand. The practice of using the engagement ring on this finger came in particular from the ancient Egyptians believed the vena amoris (vein of love) was from this finger directly to the heart.

During the middle ages, “gimmal” ring, “link” was given as an engagement the gimmal ring had two rectangular blocks, traditionally a diamond and Ruby, symbolizes the commitment and passion. Trade reserved for the royalty and aristocracy. Posy rings engagement rings were popular, where the sayings, love poems or verses were often reported. Less wealthy citizens a ring “Fede” say: “The faith”, similar to the ring today in day claddagh, with both hands, a heart adorned with a Crown. In 1518 the ever smaller diamond engagement ring was Princess María, who had been only two years in the Al, the agent for the Dauphin of France.

Jewelry is Worst Enemy of Man

India was the only significant source of diamond stones until the eventual depletion of the diamond fields. This in turn led to the exploration of diamonds in other parts of the world.

Europe in the 18th century, diamond engagement rings are custom foreground. In addition to the engagement ring, a second ring was also given at the time of the ceremony today, the wedding band. The diamond market has been re-ignited in 1725 when discovered diamonds in Brazil. In 1867, Kimberley, South Africa, however, became the largest producer of diamonds in the world. The recently discovered diamond region has fall an enormous range of diamonds, diamond prices are drastically reduced.

The Best Finger to Wear Engagement Rings

This issue was a dispute among the ladies today. But it’s depending on what your tradition, which you determine finger. Use your engagement ring on, for example, in the United States, the wedding and engagement ring with worn on the left hand, but in Europe is on the right side.

In ancient times, traditionalists believe there is a belief cast their vein of the left arm in the middle finger. Therefore, as your heart is on the left side of the body, giving your wedding ring / engagement ring on her left hand a strong supposedly connects to heart wedding finger is guaranteed.

Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

However, some schools of thought, his opinion states that the left hand and the left ring finger is the same place that you wear your wedding ring and two engagement ring. If you use support it on the left side, sometimes you find that your rings may be more than 3 or 4 fingers straight. So you could carry in his right hand as the fingers of the right hand to be larger than the left hand were found.

Some people keep in the left hand to signify the intention of marriage. Others believe that the only ring that goes there is the ring of the royal wedding, so you can use the right hand. Either works, but socially, almost everyone wears a ring on his right hand, making it fast and recognized as such by most of the left.

Now either you want on the right or on the left, the right fingers you wear your engagement ring? Yes, you can use it on any finger you want. It has become a tradition to wear on the ring finger because the Greeks believed that leads directly to the heart.

Most American celebrities wear the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand, but here in Nigeria, we find that most women prefer to wear on the third finger of the left hand. Then, after the wedding rings, both engagement and wedding for transfer to the fourth finger of the left hand.

If (the left hand for nearly everything you do to use) is a lefty, it’s best to take on the right side. Meanwhile, since traditional Africans do not wear rings in their spare time, Western countries of the world in which two rings engagement / wedding ring on the left hand.

Various Types of Rings

Beautiful Gold

An engagement ring is the most important thing that you have always had a gift; no other gift compares his lover. The engagement ring is a tradition, is a method for publishing the commitment that dates back to antiquity. The traditional material was used for this important ring; a yellow color was still associated with royalty. Learn more about this beloved gold color.

Yellow Gold

Yellow is the color is undoubtedly the most associated with gold. The image and you are sure to enter thick gold bars. Bright yellow color is so rich and bright and appealing to the thoughts of prosperity, wealth and royalty. Compare the color of the gold ring on the bar; is there a difference?

Mina Up

Engagement Rings Yellow Gold has a color “pure gold”, but that means the jewelry pieces were coated with 100% pure gold? Precious metals can be used immediately after being extracted from the ground? Actually, it is not to make soft and delicate for pure gold jewelry, so there is a slight color difference between the bars of gold and yellow gold rings. 18k is really the best choice for making jewelry and consists of 75% pure gold, is a mixture of yellow gold alloy of copper and zinc, copper and the remaining 25% used only rose gold. White gold is mixed with silver and palladium.

Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

Engagement ring what color?

Yellow gold is the traditional color, but white gold is now a popular choice for engagement rings . Gold rose is also an option and the future, more and more popularity every day. So what to choose? The fashion gurus will tell you that your skin tone should be taken into account. Golden yellow leaves with a brown and white gold with a darker skin tone right. However, they are all viable options for all and when the final decision depends on personal preference.

Engagement Rings Yellow Gold

The great thing about engagement rings yellow gold is that they are certainly as gold, unlike white gold, which can be confused with silver or even titanium. Watch this conical Pave-Set Solitaire Diamond in 4 Prong Setting, a dramatic ring, the wealth of gold color is clear and offers excellent contrast for pavement colorless diamonds in the band.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings Buying tips

The diamond cut is the most important factor that determines the price of diamonds and other precious stones. The round diamonds are counted as one of the best and are often expensive. Another popular diamond princess cut diamond and also expensive.

If you are looking for, but great cheap elegant diamond ring , you can go for diamond rings oval cut. Not only diamond rings oval cut ultra-chic look, but also appear larger than round diamonds rings conventional cutting.

Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

Buy marquise, pear or gemstones oval diamond encrusted rings and other wonderful alternatives when it comes to budget rings for women.

Elongated nature of these stones makes it look larger vis-à-vis a carat weight traditional round cut stones. So a ring with more research is much easier on the wallet stone is obtained.

Adjusting ring

Another important thing that sets the time to buy diamond or gemstone rings for women affordable stones. Select ring setting cluster to seduce his beloved wife and she is likely to choose the diamond or gemstone ring pop with a huge stone breaks loose! These rings with an adaptation of the groups have a number of gems together in a single framework.

It is a universal fact that diamonds are expensive because of their rarity. Even the rarest diamonds are larger. This means that a single large diamond is two much more valuable and more expensive with the same carat weight small diamonds.

Thus, group buying diamond rings setting or gemstones which can have a ring with a much cheaper carat total value of more than a ring with a diamond of the same weight is priceless.
Placement of gemstones, combined with a diamond in the center of three rings is a popular choice but fixing ring. The ring may have for special occasions, like the birth of their first child or the date of the financial statements to commemorate his son.

Combination Rings

Add hordes of diamonds colored gemstones a lot of spices, glamour and elegance in the ring. For example, a diamond ring, along with a royal blue sapphire or ruby red gem extravagant not only makes the rings appear pleasing to the eye, but also adds an added value and importance of the ring.

Many people choose to get their birthstone or gemstone star shining opportunity include diamond ring. Adding a birthstone color is a great way to add a personal touch to a diamond engagement ring and reduce costs significantly.

Precious and diamond rings for women stones are too expensive, not only for the diamond, but also because of superior craftsmanship, detailing and a complex arrangement of stones on it. Most people ignore the fact that the diamond ring of stones pressing plays a key factor to increase more “wow” factor of diamond rings.

Precious and diamond rings for women stones come in a variety of colors, designs and styles in the market and choosing the right ring for your loved one would not have Hercules available if you know their tastes in jewelry.

Get the Most Out Of Gemstones

Gemstone jewelry is generally used by individuals as jewelry or as a remedy for the astrological influences of the planets. If used as a remedy prescribed based on astrology gemstone jewelry is usually continuous, without taking the benefits of gemstones. Gems are best for those who want a quick effect and do not want to spend time in prayer and the proper rituals. There is also a better option for those who do not believe in Rudraksha beads and do not follow some user restrictions must be followed.

You should not contradict Gems used together, which was advised by an expert astrologer for. The best way to carry astrological gemstones is secured with a ring or a pendant in an open frame in the back so that the gemstone of the skin and in a way that the light has to go at the touch of jewelry, stones in the body of the user. Pendants may be used on the heart chakra or the throat better. The best time to wear jewelry gemstone for astrological purposes is morning in the bright half of the lunar month usually covered by astrologers as the Shula pasha.

Typically, the rings are made in one of the four fingers except the thumb. Each finger is an illustration of certain planets. 4 index fingers, middle finger, ring finger and little finger are controlled by Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and Mercury. However, wear some jewelry Mars and his friends gems Mars is the golden rule of gold. Gemstones used in this planet fingers indicating that only the planet. If the planet is this gemstone rules are not tied to a specific finger, the jewel is to be used in a race by a friend of the planet fingers.

The gemstone for a planet can also be used with jewelry from another planet when the two planets are friendly. For example, jewelry evil planets of Rahu and Ketu Hessonite and cat eyes should be represented worn on the middle finger, because these planets that rule these two gemstones, Ketu and Rahu are friends of Saturn. Fingers are also available for certain body parts together. Index refers to the stomach or airways. The ring refers gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, renal and respiratory tract. Pinky is synonymous with the legs, feet and genitals. Otherwise, as a planetarium, the fingers of one hand the representation of the five elements. The thumb is on fire, the index represents the space, middle finger in the air, the ring finger is the little finger and the water is the representation of the earth.

Metals Gemstone, Time and Day Port

The metal used for the production of ring also plays an effective role in the effectiveness of the gemstone. Gold is the best metal for yellow sapphire, red coral and rubies. Diamond, blue sapphire, cat’s eye, emerald and Hessonite should be set in silver or white gold for best results. Pearl should always be set in silver for maximum benefits. Gomedh cat eyes and can also be configured to Ashtadhatu contains eight metals also. However, if you cannot afford to use gold and silver is the best choice for them. The right time for the jewel is in the Time of the planets. Jewel in the day, the planet cleaning process and emotion must, before they make jewelry. The days of the planets orbit the Sunday, Monday, Moon, Mars and Mercury on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Jupiter, Venus, Friday, Saturday Saturn.

In terms of hand to wear the ring, there are various opinions. Some say it is the right hand of men and women left, while some say it should be left right to left right hand, and. Moreover, it is said that all the gems that if the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in hand and stones that the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are used on the left side.

Color Gemstone Rings

As gemstones come in a variety of colors and sizes, wear can be maintained for each specific type of gemstone. Each family of gemstones can withstand different amounts of stress and abuse before they scratch or break.

Read on to find out what to buy before decisions like choosing a pearl ring for everyday wear or if your horse freely to determine, on a white emerald bracelet. Some stones are excellent choices for jewelry every day, while others need more care and attention from their owners. Remember that the use and proper care can extend the life of your jewelry, according to these notes will give many years of useful life to its rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants.

General Guidelines wear jewelry

Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings


Total rings come into contact with more friction and abuse during the term of the jewelry piece. You should be especially careful if you are using a delicate stone as a ring.


After rings, jewelry bracelets are the most exposed to wear. You are free agents make sliding on the wrists and probably on things occasionally.

Earring and Pendant:

The safest areas tend earrings or pendants / necklaces worn in the ear or against our breastbone, which are relatively well protected areas and more likely to have things other loops that come into contact with them during a typical day.

Note that most of the gems over time, especially when used as jewelry “cut” in the course of time, worn as a ring. But most of the gems are able to re-polish or cut with a lapidary (gem polisher) again to restore transparency and the previous fire. For example Gem art Services – faceted Gem lapidary command and service are specialists that can be used for this purpose.

Diamonds – Diamonds are classified in the hardest gemstones and are definitely on the sample in the high frequency with which got spent on jewelry. The old saying is that the only substance that can cut a diamond is another diamond. However, they are not indestructible and like most precious stones can break if struck or be a tremendous force applied to it. However, it is still a very durable and completely suitable for any type of stone jewelry.

The most suitable: Each mounting.

Sapphire and Ruby – Ruby sapphires and diamonds are the following next hardest gems, but only have a quarter of the hardness of a diamond. They are definitely durable and can be increased wear.

Ideal: The assembly

Image of blue topaz is not as hard as diamond or sustainable, sapphires and rubies, but are relatively strong and withstand normal everyday use. Topaz, in relative terms, is about 1:6 as hard as a diamond. If you have a stone commonly called “Mystic” Topaz, topaz colorless chemical coating that causes this rainbow effect on the stone. So you will have to take this from a Topaz abrasive or corrosive cleaning product.

The most suitable: Each mounting

Emerald and aquamarine – emeralds and aquamarines be used with caution. Emeralds are more sensitive than previous stones. Emeralds can be damaged by most cleaning solutions, always remove jewelry before working with abrasives, or chemicals. Usually have a large number of inclusions, so that more likely to be broken when hit against the recording.

The most appropriate: earrings, pendants. Care should be taken when used as rings and bracelets. Citrine, amethyst and smoky quartz – Note that this will withstand all kinds of quartz and are not as hard as diamond or sustainable, sapphires and rubies, everyday wear but is still relatively strong and can be typical.

The most suitable: Each mounting

Garnet – Can be used as beautiful rings and bracelets, but suffer wear with daily use. Garnet is similar to a hardness of steel file; Granada can be re-polished by a lapidary. The following materials and porous organic answer all chemicals and must be removed before cleaning. Turquoise – These are organic matter and sometimes colored or porous composite. Chemicals, makeup, oils and extreme sunlight can affect the color turquoise.

Best Suites: Each assembly

Pearl – Can be used as rings and bracelets, but its glossy coating will wear faster. The lining of the Mother of Pearl, which gives it its shine is very thin and are placed in the form of small leaves around the pearl. The mother cannot be brought to the Pearl.

The most appropriate: earrings, necklace and pendant

Opal – Opals are silicone and water is made, it is a more flexible option that requires care. Rings should be used with caution, and increasingly will be removed by chemicals.